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  1. alec4674

    changed heater plugs car still sluggish

    no don't have themthey got tossed as I thought it was time they got changed as it was 4yr ago,lol,mabey I should have kept them, the car has never not started only it now turns a couple of times before it catches, were as before after the pre heat light went off it started off the key?
  2. alec4674

    changed heater plugs car still sluggish

    yes, the car starts no problem but not as good as it was before I changed the plugs ,it seems to turn that little bit longer before it starts that's why I was thinking filter?.but I don't know lol.
  3. alec4674

    changed heater plugs car still sluggish

    the plugs are working the car starts but it turns over for a few seconds in the morning, when it used to just fire up,but I will check for that tomorrow morning thanks,
  4. I changed my heater plugs as the car was sluggish on first start,but even after changing them its still sluggish,what to try next?fuel filter,oil filter,or air filter or all .

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