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How to: Make an MDF Parcel shelf for additional rear Speakers

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This guide was brought to us by NickSL.

Most people in Car Audio don't like 6x9's, However a lot of people out there still want a bit more bass and don't want to fit a subwoofer.

Any of you who have tried to fit 6x9" Speakers into the original parcel shelf will know, it's really not a good idea, So here's a guide which will show you how to make an MDF shelf to work too right with your speakers.

What You Need.

Materials -

MDF 12mm or 15mm Recommended to help reduce Sagging. (I used a 9mm sheet from B&Q at ~£8 and It worked well)

Fabric (make sure you get enough to cover the parcel shelf..)

Spray Glue (The best way to stick fabric to MDF.)

Tools -

Jigsaw or Saw (Bloody difficult with a saw but achievable)

Drill with a largeish wood drill bit

Screwdriver (The right type for your 6x9 screws)


Measuring tape/Big ruler

Other -


Screws for 6x9's

Step 1.

Take out the old parcel shelf and put it on the MDF sheet you have. If you run the back end of the parcel shelf against the side of the MDF (As my badly drawn MS paint diagram below try's to display) then it will minimise the cutting you have to do. Draw around the parcel shelf with a pencil, this doesn't have to be spot on because there is a fair amount of give in the back anyway, just make sure you don't make it too small - that is a fatal mistake.


Step 2.

Cut out the outline of the parcel shelf on the MDF using jigsaw. Don't forget your safety glasses!

Step 3.

Trial fit the parcel shelf. Put the MDF shelf in the back of the car and SHUT THE BOOT! Then go through the front doors and see if you can move it around. If you can't, good job!

Make sure you brush down the shelf before the trial fitting, or you will get MDF dust all over the inside of your car.

Step 4.

Measure the centre point of the shelf. Use the ruler/tape measure for this. Again, doesn't have to be incredibly accurate but this is the point you take your 6x9 locations off.

Step 5.

Measure halfway between the centre point and the sides on each side of the shelf (See diagram...:S). This should give you the centre point for your 6x9 Locations.


Step 6.

Using the paper cutout for the 6x9's that you got in the box (if you don't have any, then either print some off or try and accurately guess the size and shape of the speaker) Remember to not cut the hole too big, you don't want the speaker falling through.

Step 7.

Cut out the speaker locations using your jigsaw/saw. To get the blade in the centre without hacking up the shelf, I drilled through the centre points of the 6x9's with a large drill bit and cut out from there.

Step 8.

Trial fit speakers. If they don't fit in then file the holes in the MDF until they do! Remember, DON'T MAKE THEM TOO BIG.

Step 9.

Attach chosen material. Make sure the shelf is clean before doing this. Give the surface of the shelf that you wish to adhere the Fabric to a coating of the spray glue, then do the same with the surface of the fabric which will be stuck to the MDF. Once both have a good coating, Stretch out the material onto a flat surface so that there are no wrinkles in it. Once this is done, Simply place the MDF ontop of the Fabric sheet so that the Fabric bonds to the MDF. At this point, If you wanted you could cut out another layer of the fabric for the Underside of the shelf just big enough to cover it and use the same glueing method. It's then time to trim off around 4" of extra fabric around the shelf, spray glue and fold it over to the underside of the shelf.

Step 10.

Cut out the holes for the 6x9's in the material (On both sides if you've trimmed both sides). Do this after the material has been fitted and from the back so you can see where your cutting. Don't cut too much off. I just cut out a small hole in the middle and then sliced out to the corners so the material folded in when the speaker was put in.

Step 11.

Put speakers in position and screw in. The screws I had where self tapping so I just screwed straight threw the material and into the MDF using my trusty screwdriver. In some cases you may have to drill holes through the MDF but this gets more technical with reasonably accurate measurements so try and get your hands on some self tapping screws if you can.

Step 12.

Crack open a beer and admire your handywork. If you've done it right, It should look something like this -



(If your cracking open a beer, I advise you do this AFTER taking the car for a test drive with your new speakers.)

Hope this helps some people.


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