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    It's so funny looking back on how much we used to earn whilst teenagers or in our first jobs isn't it?! When I was 17 I used to think I was rich because I'd work at a fish & chip shop for about £5 an hour then help out cleaning the school dinner hall on my lunchbreaks whilst doing my A-levels for about £30 a week... Those were the days, no worries, no taxes to pay, I used to get the money in my pocket and that would be that! Now I'm not earning millions (no change there), but I am in a job I adore (teaching assistant). My take home is about £1200 a month after tax: I have a question actually relating to my take-home wage which is currently £1,200, I'm based in the North-East of England but would love to relocate to London and find the same or similar job. Are teaching assistant salaries generally the same? Or can I expect a bit more to cover the cost of living in London. At least now my rent costs are low, so my pay is comfortable. Would appreciate the advice everyone!