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  1. Advice on lupo gti lowering suspension

    £300 at the most
  2. Advice on lupo gti lowering suspension

    thanks guys 😊
  3. Advice on lupo gti lowering suspension

    There's no way I can leave it man! It's riding so high, with loads of body roll. Even my mums standard Audi A3 is lower 😂
  4. Hi guys and girls, I've recently bought a completely stock lupo gti so you can imagine I have a to do list... lol. First things first, it needs to be lower. As I'm new to the car scene I'm kind of clueless about what suspension to go for. I don't want to slam it as I live in Kirklees and the roads are horrendous, it just needs to o be a little lower, maybe an inch or so. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks