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  1. Beta aux cable

    I recently bought one of those aux cables that plugs into either the back of the beta radio or the cd changer port on the back of the cd player. However when plugged in to the radio it just shows "no cd" and if you plug it into the cd player and press select to move the function to "cd changer" it just goes straight back to playing the cd. Is there anyone that could help or that has had the same problem and managed to sort it? Cheers, Henry
  2. VW Beta

    Sorry to revive an old topic but i’ve just bought one and have the same issue. Did you manage to sort it?
  3. Theres a pin that goes through the plastic and through the handle, if I remember rightly you can tap it out with a hammer but if not i dont remember it being that difficult to figure out
  4. There are 2 tube shape retainer clips that sandwich the door card between the handle and the retainer, then to seperate the door handle itself from the doorcards there are a few metal clips around the inside of it with glue around and behind them. Cut as much glue as possible out and use some pliers to pull the metal clips out. The handle should just pull out. Then when refitting just use some silicone where the glue was👍🏻
  5. No pressure in clutch pedal

    Yeah took it out today and looked fine so fingers crossed it will stay that way
  6. No pressure in clutch pedal

    I noticed the other day that the clutch pedal in my lupo has no resistance until the last half inch or so, this cant be caused by wear because the car hasnt been properly driven for the past 6 months, has only been moved in and out of the garage and has always been fine. Does anyone have any ideas of why its doing this? Cheers
  7. No pressure in clutch pedal

    Hi, ive just tightened the nut at the end of the clutch cable and all appears to be well, but im going to take the whole cable out as i fear that it might have stretched and caused this problem in the first place.
  8. No pressure in clutch pedal

    When i get chance i'll have a look and let you know how i get on, cheers ror the help
  9. No pressure in clutch pedal

    Not sure why over night it would have stretched that much but worth a try, i'll give it a shot this week and let you knkw what happens
  10. No pressure in clutch pedal

    Dont think so and I believe its cable
  11. No pressure in clutch pedal

    Yes but only in the last half inch and its like an on off switch
  12. Oil in pcv and throttle body

    I had thought about that, but what has made it get this bad in the first place?
  13. Oil in pcv and throttle body

    Ive been noticing over the past few months as ive been messing around with my 1.0 that all the pcv tubing is full of oil and the air box, throttle body, and intake manifold are caked in oil and all sorts of crap. So i started to dismantle the intake side of the engine and the crank case oil seperator is caked in oil and what im guessing are carbon deposits, and the inside of the engine around the oil trap is too. Is there any way of stopping all this oil and crap from going back into my intake? Or if its a part that's failed? Help would be hugely appreciated because im really stuck, thanks
  14. Sportex rear muffler for sale?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone had a twin exit sportex rear muffler for sale for a 1.0 litre lupo, thanks
  15. Headlight Switch Pins

    Hi. Could anyone tell me which pin on the back of the headlight switch controls the sidelights? Tried with multimeter but not much luck. Also is the sidelight fuse the same fuse as something else as I can't find it. Cheers
  16. Headlight Switch Pins

    I think its pin 13 if that rings a bell?
  17. Torque Specs

    Hi, does anyone have a list of the torque specs for a 1.0 Lupo? Or can you tell me where i could find them becuase I can't find anything online. Cheers. Henry
  18. Torque Specs

    Ok cheers mate from what i can remember i think its around 10mm
  19. Torque Specs

    Oh sorry mate that was the head i'll have to check later how wide the bolt itself is
  20. Torque Specs

    Think they're either 15 or 16mm mate
  21. Torque Specs

    Is there a way you can work out how tight they are using a torque wrench by slowly increasing the torque and waiting for it to click?
  22. Torque Specs

    Cheers mate you wouldnt happen to know the engine mount specs would you?
  23. Future of Club Lupo

    im modifying mine but im using mainly vw parts
  24. Gunky PCV pipes

    I know there is already a thread about this but i didnt really understand it. i took the airbox off my 1.0 today just to see how to do it and I noticed a load of yellow gunk in what i've been told are the PCV pipes. Could someone please explain to me what it is, and how to stop it? Thanks
  25. Gunky PCV pipes

    Do you know how i could stop it?