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2004 Arosa 1.4 automatic ATF capacity


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Hello all,

Im currently in the process of carrying out a service on the automatic gearbox on my Arosa and have a a few questions.

1. What is the ATF capacity? I have drained the pand and removed the oil pan and filter and just of 3L has come out but my workshop manual says there should be 5.7L. Is there more fluid it there i haven't been able to drain? Was it underfilled? How much should i put back in? I would just put the same amount in that i got out but the gearbox wasnt functioning properly so i want to make sure everything is perfect.


2. I have read on here that you also need to change the Final drive oil. How do you do this? Ive looked online and cant find any information and my workshop manual doesnt seem to mention it. Does this use a different type of oil? How much oil does it use?


Any help would be very much appreciated :)

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