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Putting the badge back on. Help?

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I'm a newbie here. Bought my Lupo last week (a 1.0 E with 47k on the clock). 

The previous owner has painted the VW badge on the back with black chalkboard paint (cringe) and removed the Lupo name.

I've ordered (and now have) a replacement silver VW badge from eBay and am planning to follow this video to remove the current one to replace it. 

I've also managed to source a Lupo name badge from eBay to stick back on. My issue is spacing, can anybody help with how I should space the letters out to look as original as possible? How far down from the window, how much space between letters etc...






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Your spacing in picture for 'lupo' looks bang on to me. I might have a picture of mine before I took mine off to help, I just need to check.

The badge is easiest to get off when you dental floss and brute force. Do not use a screwdriver.

You would be surprised how well the sticky hold after 15 years!

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