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Found 5 results

  1. Picked up my 02 1.4 auto Lupo about a month ago and this site has been pretty inspiring with some of the others members lupos ☺️, so I thought I'd leave my mark Here it is as I bought it Then debadged straight away Then full serviced, and realised the doesn't have a pollen filter! As it's not an ac model Then picked up some new shoes hopefully all the pictures will work, and I'm posting it all in the correct places aha
  2. Hey guys, been around sometime and this has been sometime coming, but i passed my test yesterday (3 minors) and went today and i know have purchased my self a white 1 litre lupo e so here she is and we now need a name for her. 1 by PRoddy95, on Flickr 2 by PRoddy95, on Flickr 3 by PRoddy95, on Flickr 5 by PRoddy95, on Flickr 7 by PRoddy95, on Flickr 10 by PRoddy95, on Flickr 11 by PRoddy95, on Flickr i paid £2400 and she's got less than 64,000 im really happy with her but i need to find her a name so suggestions please :) Patrick x
  3. Hi guys, basically seen some arosa alloys going cheapish and well my wheels are in a pretty bad state not sure even how to clean this as can see by picture below.. so was wondering what you guys thought of maybe some White Arosa alloys on my Red Lupo Sport.... Cheers., Tom
  4. Hi guys, I've owned this car for a year now so I'm finally getting over the shock of teenager insurance prices and finally have some money in the bank. So here is the car when I bought it; Totally stock, like completely. Had a little bump in the past so the front right hub cap has a crack in it and the wishbone has been replaced. It came with no head-unit so that was the first job. I got a Sony one with bluetooth so my songs can stream from my iPod with no wires. It seems to impress everyone that gets in the car So this is pretty much where I am today, new head unit and not a lot else as I haven't had the funds. I have a sticker on the front and in the back and that's about it. I've just bought some gloss white P Slots so I'll whack a picture of those up when they're fitted. I gave the car a good polish the other day and it looks lush. I love to see the beads of rain on the car! So until the P Slots are on the car this is as far as this thread will go Jobs for the future; Paint mirrors gloss white Paint badges gloss white Paint interior gloss white? (what are your opinions on this? On the T bar/blower things) Coilies/lowering springs (advice on lowering springs please) Maybe a white petrol flap Thanks for looking. Please comment and give me some ideas EDIT 01/03/12 I got my alloys and gave them a good clean and the car a quick wash, here is the result; Looks much better in my opinion. So it turns out I can't lower it because I'm still under my parents thumbs. Next up is painting the badges and wing mirrors white
  5. looking to get some deepdish for my lupo hopfully 15" just go the car go a few bumbs and that that need sorting but would love some new alloys for it as mine currently SUCK
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