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Found 2 results

  1. This is my Volkswagen Lupo, it's a 3D 1L, 2003 painted yellow. This is what it looked like when I first bought it. However it did not stay the this way. My dad works in a garage on the island and so of course did some work on it for me. He painted the bumpers, fitted brand new gear cables, put four coats of polish on and a new grille, took out the dents and a few other bits and pieces. This is the finished piece, needless to say I love it, especially for a first car. Of course, being the lunatic that I am. I decided to go off-roading with a couple of my buddies. And I'm sure you're all aware that these cars are not mean't for driving off-road. I didn't cause too much damage, just smashed the rear brake light, and scraped some of the fresh new paint work. I am going to be repairing it after Christmas, in the meantime I'm getting a few appearance upgrades such as a new seat trims, possibly a black VW badge, and adding some more decals.
  2. Just been quoted by my insurance company (Admiral) that they would want £128 extra? if i was to change the suspension in my car and they said they would allow me to change the wheels for no extra fee if i was to do this. So i am thinking of putting some 50inch truck wheels on and raising the suspension 1500mm! Well really they said i can do anything up to 50mm (5cm there words) So that in mind, also bearing in mind im on a tight ass student budget! What are the pro's and Cons of Buying a set of springs £64 for my TDI 1.4 lupo or buying (i think its the cheapest) JOM Blueline Coilovers at £189. Is the handling, braking, accelerating, comfort, reliability or anything better by having the whole coilover kit as appose to just the springs? bearing in mind my lupos suspension is nearly 11 years old! One last question oooober question. If i was to go out and get some new wheels for my Lupo at some point, would it be best to do this before putting on the new coilovers (as they are adjustable) that way i would no if the wheels fit or not? or would i be able to just crank the suspension height right up put the wheels on, and then lower the car back down to a specific height, as obviously wheels change the ride height, (is adjusting it a simple job?) (Spring clamps are about £10) So the difference is really £64 + £10 + £128 = £202 £189 + £10 + £128 = £327 Thanks people.
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