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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I've been looking at buying a Lupo, preferable a 1.4 or higher, for almost four months now and I was wondering what I should be looking out for when inspecting one. Atop of this, what does should it feel like to drive a Lupo and - again - is there anything I should be looking out for when test driving one of these cars. Many Thanks Edit: Also once I have purchased the car are there any "standard modifications" that I should add to improve driver comfort, such as purchasing a new gear stick with an increased amount of length.
  2. Hi all! after having my clutch changed recently I had abit of drama with the bolts on my drive shaft coming loose due to vibration and my right hand shaft actually coming off luckily at a slow speed. When this happened i believe one of the threads has been f*****d as I can't get the last bolt in. I have someone who will rethread it for me but he wants to know the size of the bolts which is info I can't find anywhere. Any info is great. lupo 1.0e thanks ash
  3. Hey guys, Did a search for this problem but basically as Lupo and Arosa TDI drive shafts are as rare as rocking horse ****, or expensive from the stealers, i've found a seller on ebay for the Lupo TDI. But he has sent me this message: This is for the passenger side front driveshaft. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. So I have lowered my lupo 1.0 and I have been driving it for a while like this now, I have had a few scares though when I turn the wheel and my car just carrys on going forward.. The tyres are fine on it and I have been trying to get the tracking done but it's to low to fit the tracking gauges over my tyre because of my arches .. I also was rid of this in even camber i have got from lowering it .. I am lowered on ta technix coilovers on the front and adjustable springs on the back (taken the adjuster cups off because I wasn't low enough) any help would be greatly appreciated .. Thanks
  5. Hi all, The other day I changed both my wishbones with new rubber bushes all round and new ball joints too and it knocked the wheel alignment out by a mile, so I changed the track rod ends after cutting the old ones off and adjusted the tracking so the car was driveable and I've just had the alignment done BUT Now the car is vibrating like mad, the faster I go the more it vibrates and when I dip the clutch it almost completely disappears. Obviously im thinking drivetrain rather than suspension problems. I recently changed the cambelt so today I double checked the engine mount incase I hadn't tightened it up enough but it's fine.I haven't had the hubs apart.It's pulling well but when I get up to about 60mph it doesn't feel like it wants to keep accelerating like it used to.Clutch feels ok.Steering feels great and doesn't pull to the side.Thanks in advance Ben P.s. It's a 5speed 2001 GTi
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