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  1. @@mandyjayney Here is my Lupo which I have had for just over a year. I am looking to upgrade to a more powerful car, therefore I am selling. It is a perfect first car, and very cheap to insure. It also drives beautifully for the age of the car. Even though you may be put off with the high mileage, it has had several things replaced since buying the car. Cambelt Clutch Engine Hoses Recent new front tyres New spark plugs New HT leads Since buying the car, I have installed a genuine VW CD player alongside the tape and the radio. I have also put genuine 14 inch VW Alloy wheels on the vehicle. TAX
  2. I'm taking my lessons and I have a 1.0l lupo se. I've been trying to get quotes for once I've passed and they all come to around £4000, Third Party Fire & Theft as well. My mum and dad have told me I can get insured with i-Kube for £2000, except I can't drive between 11pm-5am. I don't find this too much of a problem because it will work out cheaper in the long run. I was just wondering if anyone knew if they allowed mods?
  3. This is my first car, a 1.0L Lupo Se. It's got 15,000 miles on it and looks and sounds brand new. I'm taking lessons at the minute, can't wait to get passed soon so I can get out in it. Got some plans for it in the future once I'm on the roads. I want it lowered with some nice alloys and simple mods. Looking forward to it. Just wanted to get a few pictures up! I'll get some more pictures soon.
  4. Hey I know this has been raised many times about coilovers. I have a 1.0 lupo SE and I want to lower it on some coilovers in the future. I will be on a budget but might be willing to spend for quality. So I was wondering which are the best coilovers I can get for a good price. Also will fitting them myself be a huge problem?
  5. Hey just bought my first car. Glad to say it's a 1.0 Luop SE. It's 52 Reg with 15,000 on the clock. I want to get it lowered on some coilovers with a nice set of rims. I was looking at some BBS or BBS look-a-likes. Anyone want to give me some advice on which is the best set of coilovers to get, costs etc. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks.
  6. hi there, i bought myself a seat arosa 1.0 back in march, its been a perfect little car with no problems whatsoever. now i am looking to get alloys for it. i was hoping to get the original seat arosa alloys, but i am not fussy. i am looking for cheap alloys with the tyres included. any ideas? any help is much appreciated
  7. hi everyone, I am 17 learning to drive and i have fallen in love with some of the lupo's i have seen so as my first car i want one, i dont mind any colour, little damage, must be petrol and 1.0 litre due to insurance:/ i am looking to spend anything up to 1500 pounds depending on the condition. thankyou for your time:) Sam.
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