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  1. Hello everyone 🙂

    I have bought a used Lupo 1.4 FSI benzin for my wife here in Sweden and its a very nice and small car.

    The problem is that it jutters both when using automatic and semi automatic gear. This problem increases after 4-7 hours of driving at mixed speed (highway and city).
    Suddenly after driving for 40 km of distance at a speed of 100-120 km/h the car can suddenly have difficulty in continouing the speed, drops in speed slowly and the engine temperature drops from 90 to 70 and lower.

    I have changed the plugs and now I changed the oil and the oilfilterand added fuel cleaner. The car became a little bit better but the problem persists.

    The error code I get is P1072 ( otherwise no other codes.


    What do you think the problem is? And how to solve it?

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