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  1. On 11/12/2019 at 3:40 PM, cj1 said:

    You may be useful to ask this actually. 

    Ultimately, this is a very high level plan, but I'm thinking a AVY bottom end with the AFH head in some configuration.  

    This should allow a number of things: 02T Gearbox (Do any of the other 02 Boxes fit? ) , which means I can get a proper gear kit for it, and is more reliable, etc etc. 

    Are the Polo & Lupo GTI AVY Bottom ends the same? 

    I notice quaife only do gear kits for the 02M/02Q.... 

    I need to properly research all of the above before any decision is made :)

    As far as I've looked into it, the 02M/J/Q ar not a bolt on from various reasons. One of them beeing that the small block 16v engines are leaned forward and the ones that use those gearboxes are leaned toward the back.

    Another problem is the difference in bolt pattern of the driveshafts between these gearboxes.

    For simplicity, i would go for 02T which is very similar to 02U installed in newer VAG cars such as MK5 1.6 FSI, 1.4 TSI and other small block engines, and you can try mixing and matching ratios. Personally, when i swapped a Lupo 6 speed into my 9N Polo, it was such a big difference at higher speeds, the acceleration in 3rd and 4th was a lot nicer because of the closer ratios and i also noticed the extra speed picked up in first gear, from the longer ratio. They are rated to aprox 200 NM, which is enough, because with your setup, you won't exceed that.

  2. So all Lupo GTI 6 speed gearboxes (GVX, FUT and so on) are based on the bigger Polo 02T gearbox. The maine case, diff and gear design are the same as in a 5 speed 02T. 02T is the name of the family of the gearboxes and the three letter code, is what differentiate these gearboxes (in term of ratios and stuff). The main difference is fifth and sixth gear and the back case. So, 02T and 02U are almost the same. For you to belive me, i have installed in my 9N Polo a 6 speed FUT from a 2003 GTI, and is 100% plug and play. I've studied and the GTI gearboxes have the best gearing of all these 6 speed boxes, you only need a shorter ration final drive. I'm not sure about this info and it has to be checked and see if it fits, but the 1.2 6v 9N has a 02T with a 4.4 or 4.5:1 final drive, as opposed to our 4.19:1 ratios. Don't search for 12v gearbox, because that also has 4.19:1 ratios. Good luck!

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  3. Awesome setup you got there, nice little track weapon. I followed it closely and i like what you did, nice build. Keep it like that. On the track it looks like the car is moving really nice, with neutral behavior and very little understeer. How many laps could you squeeze out of the AD08R's until overheating them?

  4. First check the state of the factory hone. It doesnt worth honing it again if the factory finish is still intact. Look on the cylinder 90 degrees of the wrist pin axis, both sides. If you can't clearly see all the Xes, then the honing process is necessary. If you have to do it, use the ball-hone method (this works only for fine honing, if there are clear signs of wear, you may have to use the three leg tool or even worse). But this is a case of deciding only after you tear into the engine. Good luck!

  5. On 11/26/2018 at 6:56 PM, LR5V said:


    Already invested in all the required Victor Reinz gaskets, Gates Cam belt kit, new oil pump - going to ask for Goetze rings unless there is something better out there?

    If you can find, i recommend Mahle rings. They are very good. I've rebuilded 2 of these engines with Mahle rings and all of them run strong compression after many miles. My track Polo with 1.6 16v has Mahle rings for the last 10k kms (@6k miles), all of them (without the 300 miles break in perios) done on the track, revved hard, and the compression is as good as it was after break in and the oil consumption is as low as 200 ml in 3-3.5k miles of track use. So, i will highly recommend these rings, and also the VR headgasket.

  6. Does anyone know the outer or the inner diameter of the primaries and the secondaries for a Raceland 4-2-1 manifold for AFH/AFK? Or do you have one at your disposal to measure it? I would very much appreciate it!!

    I want to build a replica from stainless for an AUB in a newer Polo and the maths gave me some dimensions and i would very much like to compare those with a genuine Raceland.

    I would buy a Raceland but I live in an aera where the shipping costs almost as much as the mani and in this case it's easier and cheaper for me to build one. 

    Thanks in advance!

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