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  1. On 14/12/2017 at 1:15 PM, chrisgti95 said:

    A set of winters transforms a GTI in bad weather - I couldn't believe the difference when I got some for mine this year. Now work out in the sticks so I got some to make sure I didn't get stranded at the office. This week has been quite bad for snow & ice but the car just got on with the job, no fuss :)


    That's one hell of a trip, good luck! And make sure you have a full windscreen washer bottle when you set off, you'll be using it like there's no tomorrow.

    What size did you buy? I had trouble finding winter tyres in 205/45 or 195/45.

  2. 3 hours ago, Sausage said:

    Sooo now a small part of my tiny mind wonders what happens if I (was stupid enough to) tell them I have changed the engine to another 1422 CC TDI engine and provide proof it came from an audi A2, a Seat Arosa, a Seat Ibiza, a Skoda Fabia or another Lupo TDI. 

    Would that default to £150 tax as it is a change of engine? Just covering my bases here....

    If you are refitting another 14 TDI engine why would you even tell them?

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