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  1. 56 minutes ago, weslangdon said:

    Is that the pretty very light blue car that was for sale a couple of years back, surprised at the rust issue given the chassis are supposed to be galvanised, how bad is this, generalised or specific bits that can be cut out and patched

    No it's a red one. I'll be honest I haven't seen it myself just got the scan of the MOT sheet. The body work always had rusty arches from when I bought it but it's supposedly moved to the sills on the back. I'd be surprised if the cars where galvanised but there a ton of stuff on the car which is worth good money. I don't have a drive way as I live in flat. If I did I'd break the car and get my money that way but I don't so I can't. I have got the reg in the description so you can see the MOT sheet. 

  2. Just a feeler here. 


    I haven't driven my Arosa in a few years as I'd given it to my uncle. He got it MOT'ed and it's came back with a few problems. 

    Seat Arosa 2003 1.4 TDi SN03 VLW 

    128,000 Miles

    1.4 TDi with AMF engine



    Longer 5th Gear

    Golf Gti Seats

    Elephant Hose mod

    Electric Central Locking

    Electric Windows

    280mm Seat Ibiza Cupra Brakes

    15" compomotive lightweight double 5 spoke wheels

    Cruise Control Stalk fitted but not activated

    EGR Delete and ASV removal

    K&N Air filter

    Whiteline Rear ARB. 

    So fairly Modded but for power and reliability. 

    Bad Points

    It failed it's MOT. It's got rusty rear arches and sills.

    The Car in general house rusty bodywork.  

    The clutch has some air in it. 


    Here is a build log of it. I'd rather some one bought it and used it for parts or fixed. I'm asking for offers and you can drive it until the 15th of December (when MOT runs out). 


    Offers please.I will upload pictures if there is interest. It's at my Uncles house and he lives on the other side of the city. He also can't work a phone camera lol. 

    Cheers :-) Located in Dundee Scotland.

  3. On 5/11/2016 at 1:36 PM, Skezza said:

    Super 4's? No chance. Totally disagree with that. A good set of Super 4's will destroy any single electrode plug.

    You can disagree but I would never put them anywhere near any of my cars. 

  4. On 5/3/2016 at 10:42 AM, Skezza said:

    Looks like utter rubbish to me. Just put in some quad electrode plugs and you'll be laughing.

    They are the worst plugs you can buy stick to normal ones you will be fine. 

  5. Hi guys, 

    I'm looking for some 15" wheels to fit my mk2 Arosa. Need to have standard ofset please. Condition or looks don't matter so long as they are straight and hold air. Will need them posted please. Without tyres ideally but will take either way. 

    PM me with what you got!

    I will have 15" e30 BBS wheels for swap or sale shortly. Not in the best condition. 

  6. On 12/17/2015 at 0:30 AM, aamirishaq said:

    Hi, 3 years after selling my arosa 1.0, I'm back looking for a lupo/arosa 1.4tdi as a daily run around. Currently driving a Subaru Impreza WRX STI which I want to start saving for weekends and have a cheap economical daily runaround £30 a year tax, good mpg, etc etc. Have a budget of around £1500 currently. Would I get anything decent for this price?


    BRO!! That's you! I drive past you everyday nearly. I'm in the white leaf, I'll flash you next time. Sweet car man seriously nice. You will have to give me a lift in it one day. 

  7. I don't really drive my Arosa much anymore but I got a decatted fitted to it cos why not lol. 

    So it's a 1.4TDi, Remapped to "100bhp", panel filter, egr blocked, race pipe and elephant hose mod. 

    The fit is so so. I'd pay someone to knock up a custom. I bought it from ebay and the fit isn't the best but it does fit. 

    Performance - Well it makes a difference. It doesn't seem to cough and struggle after 3krpm it really pulls hard till 4krpm. Widening the power band on the TDi is the best thing you can do to make it faster IMO and this does that nicely. 

    Sound- Well it's a diesel but it sounds actually ok when full throttle on boost. Sounds like half a V6 which I suppose it kind of is. But I thought it would make it more tractory but it doesn't. Result. 

    Maintenance- The main reason for me fitting a decat was potential fuel saving and to make the exhaust freer flowing. The freer flowing the exhaust is then potentially there is less back pressure for the turbo. Less forces against the turbo theoretically mean turbo longevity and more performance. 

    Fuel- I haven't driven the car often or tank to tank to give an accurate account on fuel consumption but theoretically it will be better but I will measure it.  

  8. Glad I just read this about rubbing - my GTI came with 195/50/15 and they rub on lock in reverse. Always wondered what that was!


    Opinions on how daft will it look with 50 at rear at 45 up front?


    I'm looking at some Falken tyres in 195/45, but the rears are unworn - so am tempted not to just throw them away. Used to like the Falken 912 on my s16 pug - always seemed like a good budget sport tyre.


    Not doubting you but can you explain? Surely it's pretty much all the same as the bigger they are the slower they will rotate no? Some cars have staggered setups? 

  9. If you use an oil extractor you can suck out a bit more from the oil filter housing. I am pretty anal and even suck all the old oil off the threads. You can get loads out! And then with a couple of little top ups between servicing, I find there is not much left over from 5L of Quantum Platinum.

    Also TDI's seem funny with their oil level. The like to sit at half way on the dipstick in my experience. After topping up, the oil level always seems to drop slowly, and then seems to settle out around the halfway point. That's purely anecdotal on behalf of me and a friend though.

    I don't like oil extractors. Maybe the ones that have been used are bad but on cars that they have been used on, when I have then serviced them the oil coming out of the sump tends to be unusually black. Does an extractor pull all that out too?

    I like to pour about 1/2 litre of clean oil in when the sump plug is out and the oil has finished draining. It pushes more gunk and old oil out.

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