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  1. one-off Porsche Rs recaro replica bucket seats for sale

    mods please remove my threafs as I would nt want to offend with my huge sig and advertising and I'll go back to the less petty forums !
  2. no longer available due to some petty **** moaning about me advertising on here and having a sig too big get a life sad nuts
  3. one-off Porsche Rs recaro replica bucket seats for sale

    that's cool mate , glad they're going to a good home I'll whip em out of the car tommorrow I'm back in work on tues or you can collect from mine on sunday pm or Monday if you want ? cheers dan SOLD pending payment !
  4. one-off Porsche Rs recaro replica bucket seats for sale

    inbox emptied cheers for heads up !! hI again m8 I need as much as I can get for them to be absolutely honest as I need to buy new seats with the cash , if you can meet me halfway at £325 you have a deal? cheers dan
  5. one-off Porsche Rs recaro replica bucket seats for sale

    there's enough to put a bag in but not for a person!I deleted my rear seats do it wasn't an issue cobra do a tipping subframe though if you need to get in the back , they're a bit more money but you normally only need one I'll look for a link , have you lpoked on the cobra site?? think the Lupo, mk4 goof, new beetle etc all share the same subframe
  6. I'm in the process of trimming some standard Lupo seats in black Porsche leather with anthracite alcantara centres sewn in a ' fat biscuit' style they re not finished yet but am just gauging interest to see if anyone wants them before I go on e38 etc with them? looking at around the £500 mark when finished ! could your existing panels , rear seats etc to match the fronts cheers dan
  7. "Interlagos" cloth upholstery

    yes !! also have some carrera Rs Porsche recaro replica buckets for sale already trimmed in it in the for sale section now ! dan
  8. one of the first sets made, copied from an old Porsche carrera Rs recaro seat by cobra for us!! they are unique as they're trimmed in early Porsche vinyl and mk5 golf interlagos cloth NOT the value cobra vinyl !!! only done about 2k miles in my car , also now have genuine 70s metal recaro badges in the backrest centre sections!!! I'm keeping the mounts and runners as I've adapted them specifically for my car but they're available from cobra to fit the Lupo at approx £75 iirc I'm after £350/pr inc shipping they retail at over £200 each but are not available in this spec I can trim rear seats to match if needed cheers dan
  9. hi

    its £75/mtr and comes on a roll approx 1.4 m wide

    am mad busy at the moment so cant do the work but can supply the cloth



  10. any chance you could send me price tags / pics and what not like say ive got a mk7 polo... possibly looking at doing , door cards , gear gaiter in interlagos cloth , as im looking to get mk5 golf gti seats in the car ...


  11. Nicks Lupo - 1.4S In The Rare Colour Of Black..

    hey m8 they look great on there,should look good with all your other bits and pieces green too,glad they went to a good home soo badly needs a slam but insurance is a pain in the ass dan
  12. whats different between 1.4s and sport to achieve 25bhp

    pmsl@ cobblers boobo cheers thats exactly what i was after tbh its not for the loop ,i just bought an audi a2 with the 1.4 75bhp motor and was thinking it should respond to the same mods??? need to look into it more but that gives me some food for thought cheers dan
  13. whats different between 1.4s and sport to achieve 25bhp

    cheers gazzard i had searched but that thread does nt really answer the question,i didnt want a list of upgrade or gti parts just wondered if anyone knew for sure what real the differences were???and if any were internal? as it always seemed quite a gain for an n/a motor i can guess as well as the next man but wanted an answer from someone who actually knows bobbo if a definitive answer does come up it would be a good sticky cheers guys dan
  14. so what is different on a 75bhp 's' to make it have 100bhp in a sport???????? as i think im right in saying its essentially the same engine?arent i? inlet manifold,exhaust manifold,breathing and fuelling ?????????? cheers dan