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  1. Lupo open air valuation?

    Thanks, i would hope for a bit more but we shall see... i think i shall be putting it on sale soon.
  2. Lupo open air valuation?

    Not tried swapping switches... I'm not very mechanically minded but first time I heard of that open door trick... will give it a go. Thanks
  3. Lupo open air valuation?

    There is an aftermarket alarm installed but it's not been functional since I owned it...
  4. Lupo open air valuation?

    Bit dark right now for interior pics... Will post tomorrow
  5. Apologies if this is in incorrect forum but I just need some advice on the value of my Lupo. I have done some searching around but it seems to vary dramatically so hoping more seasoned owners can give a more objective opinion? It's a Y reg open air model, 1.4l petrol engine, black in colour and approx 44k on the clock. Part service history. Interior is good with no tears, electric roof works fine and has no leaks and passed MOT in June with no advisories. Wheels are in good condition and has usual scuffs to paintwork but no serious dings. Known issues are drivers side electric window does not operate, (It simply stopped working one day, you can hear clicking noise when button is pressed but no movement), engine warning light is on although 2 mechanics couldn' find anything wrong with it (possible sensor issue), passenger door strap is broken (part which stops door swinging wide open) and there is only 1 key. Pics can be provided if it helps and any help would be appreciated as I need to sell this on.