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  1. Rough idle

    Yes mate . But I did not listen as usual
  2. Rough idle

    Fixed, I have finally got to the problem, after testing the wiring for continuity, and trying to understand how it all works, I did a actuator test on my Verus I think it was called on my verus, it came back with 2 problems . EGR valve and evap short to earth, I had not been testing for a short to earth. As I was doing this I noticed a connector block. I did not see this on the wiring diagram. Pulled it apppart and it was full of oil. It had been shorting out in the plug, you could see the 2 pins as where very black. I cleaned it up. Used the air line to blow it out. Put some electrical contact spray in it. And it now runs perfect. A long time to find it. But a fantastic feeling when you finally get it going. Paul
  3. Rough idle

    Hi Thanks for the help. I have tried to do a throttle body adaptation but i still have fault codes. am correct in saying these have to be cleared before i can do this . I was tring to do it on my Snap on Verus. I do have vag com, but not sure how to do it on this machine. Regards Paul
  4. Rough idle

    Update, I am still playing with this Arosa. I am down to 3 codes 16792 EGR actuator (G212 Signal too high P0408 17976 Throttle Actuator (J338)Mechanical Failure P1568 17987 Throttle Actuator (J338) Adaption not started P1579 These can not be cleared they keep coming back and it wont let me do a throttle adaption while it still has codes But this is the weird thing, I have found out by accident that if I start the car and it runs really rough misfiring and no response to the accelerator pedal, I unplug the pre cat 02 Sensor and it clears and runs perfect. Leave it unplugged for an hour, I go back and start it, it is misfiring and running rough again, Plug the 02 back in and it clears and runs perfect again, I can play around like that all day. I do not think it is the 02 sensor because it would not do it when it was unplugged. I am thinking it is as Rich said a while ago. I have wiring issues but where do you start looking. Paul Pau
  5. Rough idle

    Hi Rich, thanks for the info, just to recap, are you saying that if you clear the trouble codes and some come back without the car running, it cannot be the ecu that is at fault, if that is true, that is a great help to me. Thanks again Paul
  6. Rough idle

    Hi Rich, Thanks for the reply, if it was a wiring issue, why would it all work ok when I start the car with the throttle fully depressed?.i am thinking more of the ecu. Paul
  7. Rough idle

    Hi , I have a wired one here, seat arosa 1.0 mpi 2008 , it runs rough and will not rev, Codes , quite a few all to do with throttle position sensor, start the car and it misfires and will not rev, I put a second hand throttle body on, and it is the same, if I start the car with the throttle fully depressed. It starts revs and works fine, but I still have a engine management light on, when I try to clear the codes, 2 will not clear, and when I try to start the car it goes back to the misfire, I have to start it with the throttle fully depressed again, anyone have an idea what is going on?. paul