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  1. Damo88888

    Alarm help please people

    Hey everyone I'm having probs with my alarm it's got a mind of its own and I've tracked it down to the little plug on the inside of the boot which goes into the boot latch im guesing it's a micro switch. Cos when it's plugged in it always says the boot is open on dash so I unplugged it and the boot open symbol went so I thought ok I'll just leave it unplugged.then I got in tonight and the light is back on and alarm went off when I locked it so I plugged it in and back out again and light is off again. I've also tried contact cleaner and it was a bit wet so also dried it all out still no joy any one got any ideas
  2. Hey all cheers for help with brake pipe got it sorted in the end. Any way my rev counter is a bit out anyone know how I can fix it here's a pic on idle and engine off anyone know how to fix it it also means I'm hitting limiter at about 5900rpm well around that
  3. Damo88888

    Rear brake pipe hose wtf

    Is it not bloody vw I've told them the exact part I need the rear beam break pipe with flexi that blots to caliper
  4. Damo88888

    Rear brake pipe hose wtf

    Yes they emailed me a pic which I got and it is like there saying here's the pic 11 and 12 are one piece on my car
  5. Damo88888

    Rear brake pipe hose wtf

    I've called everyone now and no one has it only the flexi but no pipe with it how can they all not no what I'm talking about eurocarparts vw tps gsf
  6. Hi all I've got a lupo gti and trying to get a brake line from rear caliper so the flexi which then goes into the Cooper brake line round beam to a join so I need the whole lot Cooper line from under the rear beam to the caliper all one bit. Try calling vw and tps all telling me it's not all one piece it's the flexi then a join to the Cooper pipe but it's not it's all one piece has any one got a part number. The mk4 golf ones fit with a bit of bending but surly u can get the right part for a lupo
  7. First off are these alternators a week point. So I bought my lupo gti on Tuesday it was all good bloke said he had just put new battery in which he had (very small one tho) so Tuesday all Was fine Wednesday battery started to sound lazy done about 50 miles in it Wednesday then on way home Wednesday the abs light came on every time I put brakes on then went off straight after. This morning took kids to school started but very lazy. Got to school came back to car and dead nothing at all only dash lights went home got our passat jumped it took it home when and got a new big battery out it on and started up nice and quick so thought that was the prob but I thought I'd check the alternator volts on tick over needs to be 13 to 14 volts while running I believe well it's only 12 still so I'm hoping alternator is the prob my only concern is why did it run Tuesday and wed doing 50 miles if alternator is dead. I've also moved the earth strap to a better place as it had corroded where it was I'd also been messing with the radio all morning on Wednesday with car off. Also put the little battery which was on the car on the multimeter after removing today and reads 12v but won't start the car if battery was dead it wouldn't still read out 12v would it. I've ordered a new alternator today so should be here to fit tomorrow. Don't think it's a drain I have as started both mornings just lazy sorry for the essay lol
  8. Damo88888

    New gti owner norwich

    Bought today I don't reckon he's removed add yet
  9. Damo88888

    New gti owner norwich

    Hi all just got this little beast and after a few bits of people have any. Spoiler brake light or a full boot in black with spoiler. Engine cover and air box and pipes and a standard steering wheel. Also drivers side wiper arm. Thanks and hello all

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