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  1. New Here - Lupo GTi Chester

    Got it sorted now. £150 for the rims with tyres. Fairly good condition.
  2. New Here - Lupo GTi Chester

    Its gonna be a long hunt. Starting to get tempted by a set of Porsche D90s just because they're a lot more available. Would be nice to move towards the stock look though
  3. New Here - Lupo GTi Chester

    haha nice. I'm trying to get it back to near-factory at the moment, the yellow light filters have now gone and currently hunting for some bathhursts, but good ones are like gold dust.
  4. New Here - Lupo GTi Chester

    Long time lurker - Think I've tried joining a few times through email in the past but it didn't work - just tried through Facebook and straight in! Based in Chester and have owned a silver GTi for about two years. Replica schmidt rims and dropped - quite a distinctive look.