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  1. arosa mid (or hi) fi

    Some grills to prevent the loudspeakers to be kicked...
  2. hi all. the goal is to build (the faster the better) a 3 way system plus a sub in the trunk on my arosa. to be fair i spotted some fine works here, thus i decided to place a 2 way on the dash with home-made pods for a Ciare CT250 and a CM501, to keep the midwoofer in the door (Ciare CW 161N) and place both subwoofer (Coral Target TLS 12) and the amplifier (Zapco ST-5X) in the trunk. the radio is a Kenwood KDC-X5100 BT. the subwoofer came with a project of 32 lt closed box, very close to the volume of the spare tyre area. that's why i decided to follow that way. here are some pics, more to follow. cheers, guido
  3. arosa mid (or hi) fi

    TY mate. keep in mind it's not my job (i'm not a pro), and i'm very slow at working (I still have to fill and paint the speaker pods and the gauge pod)
  4. arosa mid (or hi) fi

    Ready for carpeting. Smoothened all the edges with the router.
  5. arosa mid (or hi) fi

    only nine speakers, it won't be a spl monster
  6. arosa mid (or hi) fi

    Goin' on with router and filler
  7. arosa mid (or hi) fi

    That's the structure for the left door card. Everything was done with a router; now it has to be finished with some epoxy filler and sandpaper.
  8. arosa mid (or hi) fi

    At last, I decided to place two cone midranges on the dashboard (Hertz HL 70) and four 6,5" woofers (Electronic Melody MCW65N) on the doors (two per card). The tweeters are two Ciare Planet CT 250; the subwoofer is a Coral Target TLS 12. Tweeters and midranges need a passive crossover I'm gonna build; everything else has an electronic cut (approx 80 Hz sub - 300 Hz woofers, to be decided during the set-up).
  9. arosa mid (or hi) fi

    Working on the door cards. They will fit two woofers each. The structure is MDF 19 mm + fiberglass.
  10. arosa mid (or hi) fi

    nice: the pods are ready to be painted. they fit correctly on the car, close to the windscreen as thought at the beginning of the project.
  11. arosa mid (or hi) fi

    the first pod is ready to be painted; the holes on the dashboard do match.
  12. arosa mid (or hi) fi

    about to be finished
  13. arosa mid (or hi) fi

    just begun to work on the dashboard. it will fit a dome tweeter and a cone midrange.
  14. arosa mid (or hi) fi

    ty. the goal was to keep the most possible space in the boot: i lost only 3 inches in heigth (15 mm + 40 mm + 15 mm).
  15. arosa mid (or hi) fi

    got the dashboard to work on
  16. arosa mid (or hi) fi

    ty mate. now working on a spare dashboard: i'm gonna keep the single midwoofer in the doorcard, yet i wanna put a 2 way system to improve the soundstage. i have to do some empiric test and choose between a dome midrange and a dome tweeter (hpf 1 khz) or try and fit a quality coax (focal 130 ac, hpf 250 hz). both are good choices but they need a different amount of job: stay tuned and cheers from italy
  17. arosa mid (or hi) fi

    that's all (for the boot).
  18. arosa mid (or hi) fi

    just made the mdf cover. gonna finish the whole boot this week. next step: some mods to the dashboard.
  19. arosa mid (or hi) fi

    the finalt result for the tray: 4 layers of fiberglass, sound damper on the outside. now i'm gonna cover the sound damper with Brax. it fits correctly
  20. arosa mid (or hi) fi

    some fiberglass...
  21. Cheers from Italy

    Hi everibody. First of all, I hope to make myself understood, since my English is full of rust. Here's my Arosa, LHD. I bought it on july, and it's really useful to feel a bit younger (I'm 43). After a full service (with timing belt and cam belt) I installed a coilover kit, lowering the car of approx. 35 mm. The wheels are 7x15 ET 35, the tyres are 195/45-15 (the best size I can choose in my country without being out of law). Made some fixes to leather trim. The future plans are about a full exhaust system with a 200-cell cat, better brakes, something for the intake and camshafts, ECU remapping. Moreover, some additional gauges, sporty pedals and so on. By now I can't help but say... CIAO! Guido
  22. Cheers from Italy