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  1. samraper

    Major Service due?

    @Tourist thanks mate I knew I would've forgot something
  2. Bought an arosa sport yesterday at what i see as a bargain, the only downside is that the car has no service history, for peace of mind i'm gonna be giving the car a good service.What I've got in mind is oil and filter, air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs and ignition leads and pay a garage to fit me a full cambelt and tensioner kit. Just putting a post up to see if any of you folks would recommend anything else to replace before i plough on? Thanks in advance
  3. samraper

    Hi all

    Hi all new to the forum from Scarborough, back on the vag scene after having a MK4 golf as my first car, now rolling around in a red arosa sport. Hopefully gonna be on the forum often and hope to learn a lot and share whatever i can with people
  4. samraper


    very interested in this mate ive pm'd you