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    Lupo 6x 1.4 tdi
  1. Black wolf from Rome

    Now, this is my car... Always wip
  2. Black wolf from Rome

    Ok thanks rich! I try sunday morning (dayoff).
  3. Black wolf from Rome

    Ops, ahahahahahah I wrong word, my bad. I could know the access from battery to interior.
  4. Black wolf from Rome

    Hello again guys I ask if anyone could tell me where's the passageway for the positive wire about battery from abitacle. I try to search but i didn't found...
  5. Black wolf from Rome

    In Rome there are many many lupo, but the tdi are less and the gti version probably 10/12 in all Rome... 😂 So, any question, there's a gallery when i post a story of my lupo and i see the other?
  6. Black wolf from Rome

    ahahahahaha in Rome there are many lupo and only few arosa... so i've bought and Mount a ta technix coilover and Groove and drill disc with sport pads directly from Berlin. :)))
  7. Black wolf from Rome

    Hi guys im giuseppe, 30years old, and i write from Rome, Italy. I drive a lupo 6x 1.4 tdi from few weeks. This is when i bought