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  1. carterleeds


    sold please delete
  2. carterleeds

    My project loopy

    nice lupo mate got the same one nice little run arounds arnt they... what mpg do you get? what lights have you fitted the gti projector ones? ive lightly smoked my headlights, indicator lights and side indicators to match my rear smoked lights, blend it quite nicely... i was thinking of tinting the windows with a 50% tint all around just to have that "oemish" look but i dont know how that would look, wouldnt go any darker dont think it would suit the lupos.
  3. carterleeds

    hi from leeds

    hi guys im Carter from leeds, i have a 1.0 lupo in fresco green Cambridge edition i think as the previous owner mentioned, as a daily run about, my weekend car is a mk3 golf vr6 which is on the vr6oc forum. ill upload pics of both when i can get some proper pictures... new to the forum but been a lurker for a while, this is my second lupo... me and my brother shared our old one but someone crashed into him so was a write off, so i now got this as a daily run about for my self couple weeks ago... the car is a 1.0 so perfect for going to uni and back and little run abouts, has about 127000 but dosent miss a beat, has had a full service for the winter, with coolant replaced and freezing ratio applied, few age related marks but nothing major, little rust bubbles on the passenger arch, so far no mechanical issues and the only mods so far is lightly smoked lights to match the rear ones, led side lights and number plate lights and thats it, and body coloured bumpers which i think looks way better than stock. as a daily i dont think i want to lower it but ill see how i feel when it gets sunny, i just want to get through the winter lol

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