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    Anything with an engine. Classic cars are my true passion and I do restore them. I am obsessed with air cooled VWs especially beetles

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    Just passed my test 8/7/16 and now on the road!
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  1. 1.0lupo98

    Lupo 1l performance mods

    Hi all i was wondering what performance mods i could do to my 1l to make a bit more power? I looked at k and n induction kit but wasn't sure of it would do much. I read somewhere that you can fit a sport inlet and gti throttlebody. Would that ne suitable for a 1 litre? Is the sport inlet a lupo 1.4 inlet? Not sure what i can do engine wise Thanks
  2. 1.0lupo98


    Thanks for the advice, I've found a post now and followed the link to the product it's not too bad a price (£36), cheaper than what i thought it would be
  3. 1.0lupo98


    Thanks dan however i have now sorted insurance and on the road. Skezza is there a post on here about fitting central locking? And where could i get the parts from?
  4. Hi guys my check straps creak terribly and I'll be doing the heat shrink bodge which will work on the driver's side, however the passenger side has no pin or bolt to connect the strap to the car so it just hangs there. Anyone know where i can by just the pin? Or what size bolt would fit it? Thanks
  5. 1.0lupo98


    Hi all. Im about to insure my 1L base model lupo and I'd like to know what kind of security features it has, it has everything stock as it came from the factory. Im guessing that it has some kind of Immobiliser but im not sure. Does anyone here know what it should have? I haven't a clue i don't know it it even has an alarm. Also what sort of things could i fit to it to improve security as this will also help to reduce insurance costs which are already high. Thanks Lewis
  6. 1.0lupo98

    HT leads

    Hi all im a new driver and just been give a 1L lupo. Its all mechanicaly sound but needs some new HT leads and i was wondering what type and where to get them. I am doing a mechanics course and know a fair bit about cars just not electrics! Any help is much appreciated, cheers

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