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  1. I've spoken to my mechanic and he said if I supply the back box he can fit for £15, or if I supply the pipe he can bend/fit it for £40 (he thinks it will take two bends and will sort brackets/hanging etc so £40 seems fair enough to me) Backbox is about £25 (so £40 with fitting) and cheapest 1metre 1" 3/4 with 2mm wall thickness pipes I can find are £22 (so £62 fitted) - anyone know of any cheaper pipes? (They have to be 2mm wall thickness for his machine.) This is the sort of thing you end up with: http://pigginpipes.co.uk/tube_bends.html I also need a new heater motor as the scatter box was blocked by leaves and water got into the heater (car was flooded!!) so I wanna try and keep costs down if I can.
  2. Oh wow - Axle stands (I didn't know they were a thing!). I learn something new here everyday (thanks Joe!) Are these ok? http://www.halfords.com/workshop-tools/garage-workshop/trolley-jacks/halfords-2-tonne-axle-stands(£13) Or these? http://www.halfords.com/workshop-tools/garage-workshop/axle-stands/halfords-2-tonne-ratchet-axle-stands(£24) I actually quite like the sound now tho I am a little bit worried that I might get stopped all the time :/ I'll ask my mechanic again for a proper quote on straight pipe and mention the option of doing it myself and see what he says.. will keep you updated
  3. Dude!!!!! You should so start a blog to post guides like this up!! I'm sure a lot of people would find them handy and if it gets busy enough you can put Google Ads on, the busier it gets the more revenue it would generate. I think I would just need a ramp then :-) The only thing I am a little worried about is the sound - will it basically sound like it does now (without the back box)? I'm not sure I like it - it's definitely louder, and bassier - but doesn't have that 'roar' that you hear of some cars (and I feel like I hear it in the middle - which is obviously where it is, but will it sound better at the back). Might just be me tho and I need to get used to it. But you should definitely start a blog Joe - I'll help you if you want.
  4. Haha yeah - think I might ask him what kind of pipe he needs. What other options have I got Joe? I also know a fully (recently) qualified mechanic who said he could do it for me - but I would need ramps and all the welding gear (ramps are about 30 quid, no idea about welding kit tho).
  5. Maybe he's unaware of those, lol I am more worried about the insurance tbh Joe, it already has two mods and I think a third will just be an excuse for insurance to fleece me I just called them (insurance) and they said it would not affect my premium... but he also said that might be because I only have one month left. Might be worth running some quotes to find out.. Ok just ran some quotes, when I tick 'has exhaust changes' the price goes up by £16 a year. Hmmmmmm maybe time to get a performance exhaust hahaha
  6. Thanks for the help both I ended up just driving it down the road to my local garage and he just pulled it off for me. He said a straight pipe would cost more than just replacing the back box as he needs a certain thickness of pipe (i.e. more expensive than what's on eBay) to fit in his machine so that he can bend it to appropriate fit (he actually manufacturers performance exhausts). He said he could get a replacement backbox for about 40 to 50 quid but if I can find one cheaper he'll fit it for me... which is what I think I might do as currently (without back box) it doesn't sound that different to me. What do you think? Is this the cheapest Lupo back box around? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Klarius-VW509L-Exhaust-Rear-Back-Box-VW-Lupo-6X1-6E1-Seat-Arosa-6H-/230838427273?fits=Car+Make%3AVW%7CModel%3ALupo&hash=item35bf0ade89:m:miNFF8kT1wWDanSK42uJ3bQ Or is it worth spending more? (why?)
  7. Nice one, thanks! Btw is the car illegal to drive without the backbox like that? Also wondering whether I should go for that straight pipe mod (mufflerectomy) ...just worried about impact on insurance as it is already lowered and has non-standard alloys :/
  8. My back box has broke and come loose and I was wondering if anyone here knows how I can remove it so that I can at least drive the car. It's broke off in the mid section, so is hanging by the rear end, by what looks like one of these: Do I just need to pull it out? Or does it need to be loosened somewhere first? The back box is wrecked so I'm not bothered if I have to break it off. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. eBrooker

    How to get a meatier sound?

    Thanks for the brilliant explanation Joe! I'm going to ask my mechanic if he'll do it if I supply the pipe. You mentioned 'back street welders' previously, where/how would I find one of those?
  10. eBrooker

    How to get a meatier sound?

    Probably a stupid question - but are they legal? Also, that youtube vid you showed me, is that what it would end up like or was that slightly different? @Skezza @Dblock - what's 'mooing'?
  11. eBrooker

    How to get a meatier sound?

    Something that sounds nice and bassy in the car - not too fussed on volume or trying to impress passers-by, just something that sounds and feels sporty inside the car. A cherry bomb or 'pro' bomb worth getting? Skezza suggested getting a straight pipe (£10), removing back box and welding it on (£20 ish) - will that give me the sort of sound I want? Any other options? (I'm not bothered by improving performance, I think it's pretty nippy as it is.)
  12. eBrooker

    Lupo engine oil

    Just to add, I only have this oil because it's all they had in the petrol station when I needed some for my last car. What would everyone recommend otherwise?
  13. eBrooker

    Lupo engine oil

    Thanks both
  14. eBrooker

    Lupo engine oil

    I have a 1.0L Petrol with 95K on the clock - is this stuff ok?
  15. eBrooker

    Ex Fast Car Lupo on Ebay

    Here's the fast car photoshoot pics (and details) http://www.madmotors.co.uk/car-profile-53-fast-car-glenn-s-vw-lupo.html

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