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  1. Woody.91

    coilover question

    I haven't got any helpers in mine and it's still like a go kart
  2. Woody.91

    1.4 16v turbo mani help please :(

    No I've brought a cheap convention kit for a vts piggy back everything and need to get a turbo mani made but don't know where and the lads on here are **** hot
  3. Woody.91

    1.4 16v turbo mani help please :(

    I'm mid stream thru turboing my lupo 1.4 16v wondering if and body could help or shed some light or know where I can get my mani made help me please
  4. Fantasia I think mate like a lime green looked on eBay all day every day there's never one in that colour and it's send
  5. Had my lupo ages but I can't find any green panels and where and my mates are alway on about club lupo wondered if any one could help please

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