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    Vw Passat 20vt on 20s
  1. sold

  2. sold

    can take to alltypes vw show for £5 beer token or 2 cheese burgers.
  3. sold

    still for sale, Had to put 2 back on the car for a week, as I need two 195x45x15s for the new wheels,and didnt get chance before I went away camping.
  4. 15" Alessio alloys and 195x45 tyres £85 collected

  5. 15" Alessio alloys and 195x45 tyres £85 collected

    wirral, merseyside
  6. all tyres are legal £85 collected (not meet half way to Dover, collected from my house ) (also have 2 spare tyres that I will throw in for £15 extra) Paul 0794 103 9696
  7. sold

  8. Dished rims and tyres £85 COLLECTED

    4x100 et38 195x55 tyres 1 x centre cap missing £85 collected or £110 with two 195x45 tyres PAul wirral 0794 104 9696
  9. 1.0 AUC egr valve wanted

    part number somewhere along the lines of #131 303 prefer n.west but will pay postage. Paul 0794 103 9696
  10. Vag.com Port WHERE???

    a mate of mine is gunna run his softwear over the arosa, where is the port.....
  11. bent conrod - Arosa 1.7sdi

    how much do you want for it ?
  12. bent conrod - Arosa 1.7sdi

    If the car is fit for purpose, you will struggle to get your money back. So if you have driven the car more than 50 mile, it has been 'fit for a purpose'. -It drives. But its not good. you have a few options- 1. New engine = expensive, prob £550 fitted. 2. Replace the rod = £300 -- I cant believe its the rod, without other major damage elsewhere. 3. Easy option - sell the car via a motor auction, of you have paid £1000- you wont lose to much,as a trader will buy it.