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step - by - step guide to removing indicator panel

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I apologise firstly, if this topic is in the wrong place.

Does anyone have a step - by - step guide/ quick worded guide on how to remove the indicator panel; I've tinted my indicators with yellow tint film, without removing the panel; there's a huge crease on one side where I could wrap it around the light lens properly. I want to do it again properly.

Any help is greatly appreciated! :)

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The best way to remove the indicator panel is take the front bumper off as well.

Reason for this, most of the time the clips break .

To remove the front bumper there are screw connected to the arch liners. Also it is screwed on as well to the lower front bit front lower bit (two screws) and two more screws where the grill screws to the slam panel. Once you have remove the screws, the tricky bit is removing the white clips on the side with breaking them. Removing these slowly and gently is my best recommendation.

You will need to unplug the indicator light bulbs.

Once this is complete the bumper and the indicator panel is off as one unit and you should be able to access the light holders for the indicators. These are only screwed in with one screw on each side.

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Thanks ever so much guys for the help; been a bit unwell today and had to call in sick, so if I'm feeling better this afternoon, i'll give the "just removing indicators by removing the screws by feel and trying not to drop them" method a go, and see what happens :) would it be best to unplug the indicators before removing the screw or vice versa?

Thanks again :)

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