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1.4 16v with 1.6 bits wont rev

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Hi, I have a golf 1.4 16v 75bhp, (tried posting on golf forums but got no help at all)

its an x reg, it has a polo 1.6gti throttlebody, injectors and inlet manifold.
Also has an induction kit, uprated HT leads & a scorpion backbox (if that matters)
At the minute the air/fuel mix is all to cock (i think)
it wont rev past 2-3k with foot flat to floor, but it will gradually go past 3k if you gently press it then you can floor it and it will happily rev to the limiter.
Also if you try to floor it at 2k revs it sort of misfires and sounds like its backfiring through the intake

Does it just need a re-map or should I try putting the 1.4 injectors back in and removing the induction kit, because i still have all the spare parts.


If it does need a remap where is the best place to get one? near leeds

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If you've got all the original bits, put them back on. 1.6 injectors aren't an 'upgrade' for a 1.4. You're not going to make an engine run any better by putting the wrong parts on it.

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