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Gearbox Problem

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As the topic reads, I have a gearbox problem.

It started today. I noticed that second gear was progressively getting harder to shift into, to the point where I can only shift into it when accelerating to approximately 3000 revs, and it takes some force to shift into second. In any other circumstance I have to skip second gear and shift straight into third.

The car has recently had a new clutch. I cannot enter second gear when sat still either, the stick just stops, like it has come into contact with something. It just won't budge.

Could anyone share some ideas as to what it could be?

All other gears are perfectly fine. I had some trouble with fifth a couple of weeks back but it just resolved itself, this however has got really bad in the space of two 4 mile journeys :/

Help much appreciated.

Thanks, Dan.

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