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new arosa owner needing help :P


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hi there!!

just got myself a 1litre mk1 arosa S for my first car, and what can i say ... i love the little yellow thing haha

just got a few questions though...1

1.) im trying to wire up a starter button for it.. i've found the starter motor wire to my ignition... but dont know which other wire it is that goes live only when the ignition is on... but isnt the auxillary? ... any ideas? :D

2) how the hell do i wire up a amplifier for my new head unit also? o.o i dont know which wire the red one goes to :3 ... as u may be able to tell not very good with cars ... more of a motorbike lad tbh :P

thanks for the help haha,

ill post some pics up when i start the mods...

thinkin about:-

motorbike end can

slammin it

paintin it ST orange with silver holographic metallic flake

some decent black alloys

"edge" speaker system to go with the orange and black interior :D

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Wire a main live direct from battery to amp.

Wire a remote switch live ( ign live) from red wire off stereo to remote live on amp.

Black wire is ground wire, find a good earth point in your boot, usually drilling a hidden hole is good, but any bolt through body is good too.

You should now have an amp that comes on with your key to pos 2 and off wen you remove key... Hope this helps, I can wire it for you no worries

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