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Bits needed - Window Winders & Seat Hinge Trim


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Hi Everyone, new user on here so apologies if this is in the wrong place.

OK, so this going to make me sound like a right golden-oldie but I'm after some parts for an awesome little Lupo I've just bought for my daughters 17th Birthday so she can learn to drive in style. Now before anyone conjures up images of Victor Meldrew I'll point out I was the same age as she is now when she was born so I'm no coffin-dodger/oxygen-thief/etc etc etc.

Anyhoo, I'm a die hard VW fan (Heavily modded Mk5 R32) so the Lupo seemed like a great choice for my daughter who has the same tatste in cars as me. I'm sure she'll pass her test soon and be another Lush lupo on the road.

I've found her a nice 1.0S Lupo on a 51 plate but it's got a few bits missing or damaged that I need to find.

So, I'm after;

1. Manual Window Winders (Complete assembly) for both sides (keep fit windows!), any colour would be fine so long as they match, black or grey ideally but as long as I get a matching pair they'll fit in with the mixey-matchey colour scheme I'm modding it with.

2. The piece of plastic trim that covers the seat hinge (right hand side of drivers seat) for the drivers side (in light grey) OR a pair of these trim pieces for both driver and passenger seats (outside edges of seat) in any colour.

The community on here seems really helpful so hopefully you can help me out and get another happy Lupo Lady on the road.

Hope you can help :)


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Think I've got a couple of bits of seat trim left I'll have a look.

Also, welcome :wave:

Also also, pics of R32 please :thumbsup:

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If koop doesn't have the stuff you need try a scrappy. They've usually got a couple lupos :)

To upload you're best signing up to a phot hosting site like photobucket and uploading your photos to that. Then copy the image code and stick that in your post on here.

I would also like to see the r32 :D

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