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Removing the centre dash thingy bit


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I needed to take this piece out as my centre vents had come loose from the arm that allows them to move in unity. I found a simple how to on taking this out and thought that was that, however this how to was for a Lupo and for this there is only a need to remove 3 screws located in the the double din hole left when removing your head-unit/storage bit. So I revealed this hole and removed the screws but the piece wouldn't budge. Upon further internet research l found people saying the piece needs a bit of gentle persuasion to move so I started yanking at this piece trying to gentle persuade it to move but to prevail did this work. Anyway it turns out that under the bit that seems like a screen should pop out of it, above the vents, there are 4 more screws and when you have them undone it should just slide out. Just thought I'd share the knowledge as I couldn't find it anywhere. Sorry that the thread has no pictures but its a pretty straight forward task and I only thought of doing this once I'd put it back together. Hope this helps.


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