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Headlight 'warning' light gone out

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Hi Folks,

The 'headlights on' warning light on the dash of my wife's GTi has decided to go on strike. Has anybody on here replaced this particular warning light and if so, how?

I expect it's probably going to be either a nightmare job or a dealer one but I live in hope :)

Hope somebody out there can help.

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i don't think it would be the actual bulb inside the clocks as they're SMDs but, if it is, you'd need new clocks. Its more likely to be whatever tells that light to engage from the headlights, so a fuse, a relay etc. Someone on here will be able to help you :)

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OK, so some of you may have spotted that I don't drive my wife's Lupo very often and neither does she since being given a company car. The result being that when she drove it recently in the dark, she came home and told me the 'headlights on' lamp on the dash wasn't working, the A class she's been given which she drives every day has one so that was her comparison.

Having had a few minutes this morning to investigate a little further, there isn't a 'headlight' warning lamp, just a 'rear fog light' lamp and a 'main beam' lamp as confirmed by checking the handbook.......

Oh well :(

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