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How to: Simple EGR cleaning guide

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Im am not a mechanic, and I dont know if this is actually how you are supposed to do this, but it worked for me!

This will give you a whole collection of fault codes once you have finished, too rich, O2 sensors, Excessive EGR flow etc. I cleared then using VAGCOM and they stay off, but if you dont have it, it should go off of its own accord after 50 miles or so


13mm spanner

Spray can of carb cleaner

Two hands

1. Take off engine cover

2. Find EGR valve


This is mine, its on the bottom right of the cam cover (as you are stood at the front of the car loooking in.

3. Unplug the electrical connector.

4. There is a tube coming off the valve on the right (cant see in photos). Pull this off and put to one side, it just sucks air into the valve and has a little filter on the end.

5. The valve is held on by two bolts, undo these. (13mm)

6. You then need to pull off the pipe that goes to the inlet manifold, Dont worry about bending it, its meant to (hence the ribbed bit)

Apparantly these can be prone to cracking, and the metal rods themselves actually unscrew, but I just pulled it off. You can also take the big bit off that the rods are attached to, but watch out for the gasket falling down.


7. You can now slide off the valve itself


It will be black in the holes. Fill them with carb cleaner to soften the carbon a bit. You need to get a pokey thing (electricians screwdriver or something) and scrape the carbon out of the holes. You should be able to move the valve up and down with the screwdriver once its free. Keep adding carb cleaner and scrape away. Once finished, squirt WD40 up it. Lurication is the key to so many things in life!

8. Now put it back on! Half do up the bolts so its loose. Reconnect the plug.

9. Start engine. It will sound like a bag of spanners but its fine.

10. Squirt carb cleaner down the hole on the engine side of the valve


11.Give it a good squirt, then do the same to the pipe on the other side of the valve


Give this a good squirt - clouds of crap will come out of the exhaust.

12. Now tighten the bolts up and let it sort itself out for a bit, give it a few revs to clear the solvent out.

Done. I cleaned the throttle body out afterwards for good measure (carb cleaner down throttle body whlst a mate revs the car up)

Like I said, this made my car idle quiter and pull harder. If yours blows up, I accept no liability!


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