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Ok so here it is for another year.... UD 2012 stand voting!!


If you are interested in the indoor or outdoor stand please put your entry in here.

We have been allocated 5 indoor spots and 6 outdoor spots.

We require 3 photos..... only 3!

- 1 exterior,

- 1 interior

- 1 engine bay

From this we will make a voting thread that will open around the middle of december and will stay open until the closing date for the club stands. From there the top 11 will get there places.

Top 5 in vote get indoor and 6-11th get the outdoor spaces - runners up will become reserves.

Get your interest in now!


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  • 2 weeks later...

Im applying lol only photos i have atm tho as engine is currently out for Cleaning time...



Engine will be in next weekend tho and wil be ready for show no probs. Can get More piks sorted if neccesary?


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lol i'v just gone to like the last two posts thinking i was on facebook but yeah i agree completely a spotless bay beats a modified bay if done right :)

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outside stand maybe we could all chip in for a bouncy castle?

im down for that rich get a riding bull too

is there seriously no-one going the group stand this year or is everyone just in the main hall??? :D

i got denied the main hall lol

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I applied for the club stand last year Huw, but at the last minute bagged a place for the main show hall so gave my place to the next runner up. I'd check with casper but cant see it being a problem.


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Im keen for the club stand.... not many of ye know me yet but what the hell :) check my thread of my car.....

dont really have any photos that shows it at its best as its not there yet, the idea being it to be fully completed for this show!

so baring that in mind please, the photos of the interior is clearly not finished aswell as the car.. but yeah.

dark shot on the ronals which have gone, now got a new set of smaller wider and better wheels so..


next, shows a clean it is i guess?!? AND this is before private plate and colour coded bumpers..


just standard engine bay, only photo i have.. its all cleaned up ect but tbh im not a fan of having the bonet up anyway :)


finally, the interior.. as i said its un finished.. got all the door cars+backseats and headlining coming so..


seems like a poor entry i know, but the close date is the 18th so your have to put some trust into mine!

this thing will be done and fully done by UD thats a promise folks!

bit of a recent one.. still no photo without the new NEW wheels on aka schmidt th lines :D


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My entry:




Note my front bumper is being repaired in Jan and the rear is being resprayed at the same time :)

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