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Ross' black Lupo GTI - with added slammed Beetle content

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Right Mr RossB, you can quit it with the Beetle pic's or I see a suspension coming for you...


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Got the RS's back on And another one of the bug

I've been a member for a while but until now haven't made a project thread, as I wanted to get the car lowered at least before showing it off The car was bought as a standard '02 plate 6 speed back

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It now has seatbelts too, as I found out that from 1/1/1965 all cars in the UK are required to have front seatbelts by law, and it's a 1966 model.


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As far as the Lupo goes there's nothing really to report, I've just spent a small fortune on having it serviced, MOT'd, and taxed. For the MOT I fitted brand new OE Pagid brake discs and pads all round, which has noticeably reduced the amount of brake dust on my wheels, great news in terms of keeping the RS's clean :) . It also had a new wheel bearing, new number plate bulb holders, and another new set of brake lines on the front as once again my wheels were eating through them.

As much as I love it, I have had thoughts of selling up (not for the first time). It's around that time of year again where I fancy a convertible, just not sure I can be bothered going through the process of selling it, finding a replacement, and spending another load of money getting the new car how I want it, I have had the Lupo almost 5 years though which is a long time in my book.

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I was messing about with my wheels the other day when I noticed this:


Big split! The other spacer looked to be on it's way to the same fate too, so off they came and in their place I put some 5mm spacers on that I had lying around. Thought it would look worse but I actually quite like it, they sit more flush now.


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