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Should the cost be nowhere near £86? They quoted for a servo repair kit?-is this anything more than the basic pipe which needs to be replaced? Its a 2000 1.4 Sport.



Oh.... you will need to give the dealer you reg or chassis number to get the right part, but it's around £20. Called "Vacuum pipe with check valve".

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Unless you have full VW service history, they won't even look at the car. Or they will tell you they know nothing about the fault!

Unless SEAT are different to VW, then for a safety recall the service history makes no difference - mine has a few gaps but was done with no questions asked when it went in.

However unless the recall has been sent out for your specific year, it won't be done free of charge.

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It may have - the easiest thing to do is call up your local SEAT dealer and ask, they should be able to check for you and if it is affected (and hasn't already been done) they can book you in for it smile.gif

Called my local SEAT dealer, they took chassis number and it didnt show up any recalls on the vehicle according to them, mines a 54 plate

Arosa S 1.0L so maybe this Specific year model had changed the part...

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