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The Fresco TDI. Sold :-(


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Not even sure I want to do this, well I know I don't; but I'm getting older, the kids are getting bigger, and I'm feeling like it's time to move on. Unless someone gives me 2 grand for my SDI then I can afford to keep this and upgrade the daily.

2002 Lupo tdi sport.

Cheap to tax, £30 per year & returns over 100 miles to £10. I'm consistently getting 56mpg with mixed driving.

I have owned this car for over 3 years and have covered 36k. Drives well, boosts well, nippy little daily car which presents itself well.

Mileage is at 198k, clutch, cam belt and thermostat were changed at 160, oil at 195k and fluids will be done within the next day or 2.

Painted inside and out, windows out fresco green in 2015, Arosa tailgate added, door strips removed, brand new check straps fitted.

Fitted with pop out rear windows, gti foot pedals, leather gear knob, steering wheel and handbrake.

Lowered 40mm on Apex springs.
All fittings and fixtures are intact.

Sony CD player with usb/aux/bluetooth connectivity.

Original working cup holder.

Being a sport it features electric mirrors, windows, front fog lights, central locking and pas.

Rust repaired on sills.

Sold on VW OEM Polo 6n alloy wheels (Part number 6N0601025D) which I think suit it perfectly and much nicer than the standard sport wheels, good tyres all round.

Fun points. ☹

Paint work has a few chips, mostly at the front.
Key mark on the passenger door, not deep.

Rust coming through on rear arch and on boot lid due to my terrible refitting of bumper after installing a towbar, which is wired in might I add.

Cambridge rear lights will be removed.

The roofbars will be removed.

Occasionally crunches into third if you're vigorous.

Viewings and test drives welcome.


Location: Durham

My apologies on the photos being in the link below, it’s allowing me 13kb to upload photos, 1 photos is more than that.


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  • danno changed the title to The Fresco TDI. Sold :-(

From 3 down to just one. Sad days indeed.

I bet there were many good memories leaving when that car drove away.... To everyone else, it's just a Lupo. To you, a little piece of history, like a pebble i have from events on a beach on Ibiza.

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First car was a Lupo and a good few from then to now and I’ve loved them all but this was 3 1/2 years of ownership. 
I will have 0 soon, but not forever I’m sure.

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Sounds like me and mk2 golfs... I only have 1 left now which i keep in secure storage. I won't discuss my first ever car which was a 17YO wreck. No one can ever get the right answer. Taught me a lesson though.

Mad post christmas rant warning...

In my observations of life (choice of family cars), the weird thing is that families with kids don't "need" an SUV, 4WD or estate car. A golf is probably the minimum with two kids. It always makes me laugh how some people own these huge heavy machines that most of the time only have one adult in. Or one adult and one kid. At a time when income and expenditure is critical. So drive a huge inefficient thing just for the one occasion when people want to do a once a year family road trip. Always cheaper to use Enterprise car rental... Book Air B&B and book the car rental at the same time (way cheaper in advance). :)

So when is the last one going on the market? Talking about saving the best till last....!

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Got a few minimal things to sort out on it first and then take it for the mot so within a few weeks, not much spare time at the mo.

I just need 5 seats and a boot bigger than a glove box so my kids aren’t buried in the weekly shopping haha. 

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