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Colour Concept Lupos


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Ok. I thought i'd create this very handy table of all the known colour concepts (colour etc).

This list will be updated in due course if new information is found out about any car etc.


Colour Concept.png

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Ok so known cars

Blue Centres

Y216OAN - Blue Sport - link to thread

Y584OAJ - Kams (interior not in the car anymore) - Sport - link to thread (interior was owned by Chris260)


X757HKY - 1.4s - was a member on here. Link to thread below

one other 1.4s was for sale in scotland back in 2013 but lost track of that car (might of been on here at one point


Y171EDA - Sp3nny - 1.4tdi in black - bit of an odd ball one link to thread

LT53WCW Gti - a bit of mystery this one as apperently it might of been a special order. It was on piston heads and here. Was for sale recently but with no interior. Orignal thread below (and pistonheads thread for more pics)



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Green Centres

L4UPO - 1.4tdi - Press car. Orignal plate unknown. Also known as Blue 1.4td L4UPO (colour photoshopped on, as described in the press car thread) Link to press car thread.


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Yes i am aware.


The sport is X376XJO as mentioned on here.


The 1.4s is a retrim done by someone. The head rests are wrong and the style is comptely wrong.



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Posted (edited)
20 hours ago, Speedy42 said:

I'm hoping to buy the x376xjo. The seller claims it is the only one left, the other was a sdi which doesn't exist anymore, was the trim used in the 1.4s?

1.4s - Don't know. Probably a retrim job by a retrimmers.

SDI/Sport - Thats what i understand about the SDI that it does not exist. It is listed here (there is link above).

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