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Morning All, 


I am currently rebuliding my rear axle on my Lupo GTI. Does anyone know where I can find the torque specs for the bolts?




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All standard bolts have standard tightness settings, which you can find out by looking at the number or code stamped on the head. Stretch bolts are different of course, as are splined, triple square and hex cap bolts (which I think are usually 10.3 rated?). I use this handy table, which is ISO rated (same as VW use).


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That's a great resource, but only problem is when you get to VW stretch bolts are slightly different with a set torque +90 turn

Polo's share a lot of stuff with the Lupo - I found the Polo 00 to 02 Haynes manual is a good source for torque values and the stretch bolt anomalies

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