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Lupo banging help

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Don't drive it. Might be something minor, or serious, but still at a point where it's fixable without serious cost.

lots more info please

Bad very loud noises usually are pretty much terminal. But could just be something loose. Maybe cam belt jumped a tooth (serious)? Could be chain tensioner needs replacing. Could be gearbox related. Could be a CV joint? Difficult to say without hearing it in person.

The question is though, if you head out with it again first thing tomorrow and you breakdown at the worst possible location, mid traffic in the rain, where the car can't be moved without a recovery truck, do you have a plan? Activate that plan now... A recovery might cost more than the repair.

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No I didn't do any more driving investigated and an outer cv boot was ripped open so I've replaced said boot and put a new joint on while I was there to be on the safe side.. This seems to have cured it.

One more question hub not was usual 12 point one and on replacement joint is 6 sided. Does it really make much difference or should I go to VW and get a 12 point one ordered up.



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