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Gti - new Clutch - Not disengaging - It wasn't the Master or slave cylinder!

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Well the parts fiasco continues. I ordered another Sachs kit from ECP on Ebay, all the way through the listing it states Sachs, but the part that turned up was LUK.

After some soul searching I decided to try the LUK, but once home comparing it with the other Sachs kits it really is crap and is going back. Unlike Sachs, the LUK kit's Finish on parts still has sharp edges, some parts appear to be pattern parts! The were lots of differences - shock springs are all the same weedy looking when the Sacks has 2 thin and 2 beefy and worst of all the friction plate width is 32mm when both versions of Sachs is 35mm - 10% less, I dont that is going to work with my engine producing 28% more power!

Here is original Sachs made VAG part with beefy spings top L and diagonally opposite


LUK junk


So - another sachs kit ordered from Mr.Auto they were the cheapest with UK based office, could have got from Germany but knowing my luck it will be wrong.

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Does it slide on the gearbox primary shaft ok?

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