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Hello from Greece!

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Hello, my name is Thanasis. I'm the owner of a polo 9n 1.4 bby 75hp. I really like the lupo platform, as well as your forum. 

Right now I'm proceeding with my project. The plan as of now is:

  1. aub complete head (Reprofiled oem or aftermarket cams. Looking for options except dbilas 252-10)
  2. 1.6 pistons, rods, crankshaft
  3. aub intake manifold ( I would like to have an aftermarket one, but the only one I can find is from dbilas and it's really expensive. If you have any suggestions they are welcome!)
  4. aub injectors
  5. aub throttle body (I've found a slightly bigger vdo throttle body that is p&p, so I might use this)
  6. BMC CDA airbox
  7. R8 coils
  8. 4-2-1 exhaust manifold
  9. 55mm exhaust

I would be glad if someone could guide me, or link a topic that can be helpful. I'm looking forward to your responses! Stay safe!

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start looking at capacity.

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