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Hi has anyone got an idea what locking nut this is and how to get it off I have got them on with BBS RA's the person who I brought the car off had lost the locking nut and I need to take the wheel off to check brakes and do some work on the car....I am however finding it hard to get a key or know what key to even get for this locking bolt, I would like to be able to use these nuts again so don't really want to break them in anyway but really need them ASAP.


Thank for anyone who can help with this issue.



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 I'm very familiar with the predicament you find yourself in. The best thing to do in the first instance would be to try your local VW dealership to see if they can use their master set of locking wheel bolts (not all dealerships have them though) to be able to identify the fitted locking wheel bolts. They will then be able to remove them and replace with with either, standard wheel bolts or a new set of locking ones.

Judging by the image you've posted, I reckon that the locking wheel bolts fitted are not genuine VW ones, so they may not be able to help. The only other option, if that's the case, would be to remove them by other means, (welding a nut on them to remove them, or a better idea, would be to cut a slot across the face of the bolt, {using a small rotary drill} and then using an impact driver to remove those bolts)

I have all of the equipment in order to this, but I'm located in Alton, Hampshire GU34 and your in the midlands. :(.

Hope this is of some help!

Regards, Dale.


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Those are RAD locks you could either try the company in germany and see if they can supply a key, (the 109 might be a key code) or else try a more basic approach of buying a removal tool for this or hammering on a close fitting bi-hex socket (you may have to dremel some key ways on it).


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Thanks for the people getting back to me so far I have found out a few bits of information about these locking nuts which have also been brought up here. I have found out they are RAD Brand and also that the 10.9 is the " Tempered to strength class 10.9 " so that is found out at least. so far this is all I know of these and I have nothing else to go on at the moment.
I am not really wanting to have to get crazy with breaking or welding things on to them as I would like to re-use them again but I am feeling that this might not happen in the end. Would something like this maybe work on the nut? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/11PC-TWIST-SOCKETS-LOCKING-WHEEL-NUT-REMOVER-DAMAGED-BROKEN-STUDS-ROUNDED-BOLTS-/231701426442?hash=item35f27b310a:g:FBkAAOSw0HVWBob2 I have heard good things about this sort of tool but also heard bad things about them on locking nuts like mine as well any possible leads for this thanks?

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I thought is was probably the bolts strength just before clicking submit reply lol, You wont be able to reuse them unless you have the suitable tool that fits them.

Hammering on a suitable socket will probably be your quickest and cheapest option.


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