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Mapping Lupo TDI

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Ok any mapper in your area will do. They put on the same map but will charge you 3-5x for it.

That pretty much what I have found out after emailing all of my local mappers.

In the end I contacted the mapper nearest to me to book in for the remap and was told that they couldn't do it on this particular day as the company they get the maps from was on holiday.

I have concluded the same, in that they download a "tested" map and upload it to your ecu.

The only way to get a true custom map is to find a mapper with a rolling road, but then the cost goes up significantly.

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I know next to nothing about mapping apart from what i've read now and again over the last few weeks...But I would like to have a go at this sort of thing though.

Once you have said map is there a cheap easy way to modify the map before uploading? i.e can you tweak the map cheaply or free?

All the indications were you have to spend lots of money on the software etc and it is very difficult to use, or is that just the mappers protecting their bottom line?

I want to go the gt1749v route (I has one) you see and stumping up £400 just wont be done on a car worth under £1k. If i have to spend money I'd rather buy tools or kit to do the job myself.

Sorry for the thread hijack....

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Do you have a link to the cable you brought Sausage?

I was going to go for the Galletto 1260 as it seemed cheaper. I have seen a few for sale on various sites but blacksmoke.co.uk don't offer support if you use a dodgy eBay copy lead and I can't tell if it is or not?

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The cheapest nastiest one i could see like the one he used in the vid LOL


I wanted flashing lights, the cheaper leads some said not for diesels, so double check.

Was going to update here when it arrived, but it's cheap enough for a punt, but defo do the precautions he did in the vid and watch the one where he nearly bricked it too.

MPPS has recovery if your flash fails, gellato doesnt i think.

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