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I have been a member on here for a while but as I don't modify my car I never started a thread showing my car.

I have owned a Lupo since I started driving in the year 2000. My first car was a Jazz Blue 1.0e which I had fitted with ABS, Front Fog Lights, Electric Windows Central Locking and a CD Player. The car was delivered in April 2000.

I do not have many pictures for reasons that will be clearer later.



A year after I took delivery of my Lupo my brother passed his driving test and after testing several cars decided that he too wanted a Lupo. However he had to out do me so he order a TDI Sport.


I was very happy with my 1.0e but wanted a GTI. I saved for the five years that I owned the 1.0e until Volkswagen announced that the Lupo was to be replaced with the Fox. I wasn't impressed by the press images of the Fox and with the gearbox in the 1.0e was making alarming noises I decided that, even though I couldn't stretch to the GTI I wanted I would replace the Lupo with either a Polo or another Lupo. I tested the Polo but didn't like the steering so I decided that I would go for a Sport Lupo.

This time I did not need to add many options, I only added Air Conditioning and a CD Autochanger. As I had wanted a Reflex Silver GTI my Sport was ordered in Silver. I was delivered in April 2005.


After a month my brother who had sold his Sport in 2004 and bought a SMART decided that he could not tolerate the SMART any more and decided he wanted a new car...


This car was even better than my first Lupo. I had changed my job in 2008 and was commuting from Solihull to Malton in North Yorkshire and so the mileage started to build up quickly. I decided to buy a new car to take a little of the pressure off my Lupo and in October 2009 I took delivery of a Scirocco.

I decided to buy the Lupo a new registration number.


It did not mean I stopped driving the Lupo I intended to keep the car for as long as I could. Until in March 2010 fate decided otherwise. I had driven to Yorkshire in the morning and had arrived with out any difficulty. The weather forecast was suggesting there could be heavy snowfall that week and my office is in a very remote area so I decided that I would fill up with fuel that night and on Tuesday morning I would leave the Lupo in one of the buildings at work and use the Land Rover that was used in the quarry. I had to drive to York for the nearest Shell station and as I made my way back to the hotel that night I was involved in an accident. A foreign HGV driver failed stop at a set of road works and hit the Lupo at a speed of between 40 and 50mph according to the accident investigator. Predictably the Lupo was destroyed. Along with my laptop and all pictures of my first and second Lupo.



Insert polish out joke here.

I woke up in hospital with little idea what had happened. I did think it was strange that the staff and patients on the ward all seemed to be Lupo fans. They kept saying "I have seen your car, you are really lucky" it was only after the police had been and someone showed me the paper that i realised the Lupo was not waiting for me outside the hospital.

After leaving hospital I decided I wanted another Lupo but this time I was going to have a GTI. I wanted a late model GTI with Air Conditioning and maybe leather. I told myself I was flexible on colour and looked at several and dismissed them. Eventually I found a 2005 GTI on Pistonheads. I made arrangements and travelled to Wales to view the car. A deal was done and in September 2010 I collected my GTI.


And like every other member on here as soon as I owned it I started the cleaning.





I sent the car in to the body shop to have a few blemishes repaired and in December the car was returned. Two days later a Peugeot decided to use the Lupo instead of its brakes.



Although this did not look too bad the car required nearly £2000 of repairs as the rear panel had to be replaced.

Upon its return I decided to buy it a new registration number.


The tag line from the advert seemed to be apt with my Lupo history!

I have now owned the car for nearly five years and this is how it looks today.




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Thread of the year material right here. Absolutely brilliant!! You have literally defied death my friend (hope you're not a final destination fan!).

How the heck you got out of that is beyond my levels of comprehension and the fact you're here to tell the story is something else. Just shows how resilient the human body can be, even in times of extreme trauma.

Really enjoyed reading this as well, lovely to see something different from "here's my 1 litre on cheap coilies and BBS innit with a £10 cone filter"

Top stuff. What happened to the 1 litre then? Did you trade it in? Sell it privately?

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I second that! how on earth you got out would take far more thought than I can be bothered to put in at this exact moment! and its nice to see someone else with two matching cars on the drive thought I was weird :paperbag:

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The 1.0e got traded in against the Sport. The salesman was only interested in the spec and the condition and didn't bother with a test drive.

The dealer that took it had serviced it from new. They were pretty dreadful but being new to driving I didn't know much better, new brake pads every 20000miles that sort of thing. I didn't feel too bad as I had asked them about the whining gearbox and they dismissed it as normal. After they'd bought it they found the gearbox had cracked.

A few years after I sold it I spotted it for sale on auto trader sporting a bright orange gear lever gaitor.

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Interesting Lupo history... And a nice one (especially after seeing what your Sport ended up looking like), as one of them saved your life.

Hope you keep on adding miles to the GTi without any problems and with lots of enjoyment :)

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