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Found 5 results

  1. Pete0309

    Lupo vibrating/shaking

    Hi y'all So my Lupo vibrates, although shakes would be a better word. It mainly does this when I start it and if I press the clutch. The boot cover shakes and rattles like crazy! Also, when I am braking at lights etc, and I press the clutch in the engine makes a brrr sound like it is revving up but the rev counter is dipping. Anyone know what is causing these issues, and if they are related? Also are they fixable without going to the garage. TIA
  2. 54 plate Lupo 1.4 When I slow down and press the clutch in, the engine does the slowing down sound and then does these little brr brr sounds, which sounds like it is revving up, but when I look at the rev counter it dips when it brrs. Is this normal or what could be causing this?
  3. When I start the car it revs fine, but as soon as you put any pressure on the throttle there is a clunking noise. All spark plugs have been changed, carb cleaned, oil changed, new air filter but still an issue with the knocking noise. Any ideas?
  4. Hi, im having trouble with my lupo, its hunting in idle with the revs going up and down between 700 - 1500, this has been the case for about a month or 2 now but today another problem has occured. its not revving propperly, everytime i change gear the revs climb stupidly slow with my foot to the floor until about 3-3.5k and then suddenly it kicks in and i speed off (if thats possible in a 1.0) and when pulling off ive had to redline it to stop it from stalling, i stalled 7 times on my 3 mile journey back from work i have read a few posts with similar problems and various attempts and fails at fixing them but there all old, anybody have any light on what will be the definitive cause of this and how to fix it. Also its blowing somewhere near the manifold which a friend of mine thinks may be a split flexipipe but this has only happened the last couple of days and the hunting in idle has been happening alot longer, could the 2 issues be connected? Please help with this, ive heard some people spend around £500 trying to solve this problem and having no luck and if thats going to be the case id be better off selling it but i dont want to see linda go.
  5. The Problem My brother in Law just got a Lupo 1.4 Sport 16v, AFH engine, Cable throttle. The revs keep dropping on it. Try and hold it at a constant RPM and it will be fine for 4 or 5 seconds then the revs will drop. Sometimes they drop lower than other times. Sometimes they come back up to where they were, sometimes they don't and it goes to idle level. Relavent History Aparently the guy who sold the car said it had had a new Throttle Body fitted at some point. What I have tried First Attempt Straight away I noticed quite a bit of oil in the air filter, coming in from the crank breather pipe. So I thought that might be the problem. Cleaned out the breather pipe as it was blocked with thick mayo, then cleaned out the crank breather filter/seperator box as that was blocked too. Then I noticed oil leaking from the underside of the intake manifold, so I opened that up and cleaned it all out and re-sealed with some high temp silicone gasket. While it was apart I noticed that the sensor on the left side of the Intake manifold (opposite side to the Throttle body) was covered in oil, so I sprayed a bit of electrical contact cleaner on it. I also cleaned out the inside of the Throttle body, just the butterfly area, I did not open up the black cover. So I put it back together and the problem was still there. Second Attempt I have mechanic friend who has just got an expensive new Snap-On fault scanner so I borrowed that and pulled the codes. But neither of us really know how to use it other than to pull engine codes and turn off engine/service lights. It came back with: 00519 Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor (G71) Open Circuit / Short With Power Intermittant 00518 Throttle Position Sensor (G69) Open Circuit / Short With Power Intermittant 0530 Throttle Position Sensor (G88) Open Circuit / Short With Power Intermittant 00523 Intake Air Temp Sensor (G42) Open Circuit / Short With Power Intermittant 00282 Throttle Position Actuator (V60) Output Open Intermittant There was no engine light on, so I thought that perhaps these were old codes from when the old throttle body failed. So I hoped that cleaning them might sort the problem and I could also see if any of the codes came back. So I cleared the codes and the problem was still there. I was testing it while parked on the drive for about 40 mins and none of the fault codes have come back. Third Attempt It had a function on the scanner to 'Reset Throttle Body' so my mate tried it. Anyway it did its thing, we tried it and the problem was completely different and much worse!! It wouldn't hold stable revs at all. So we did a code scan and it came back with: 01087 Basic Setting Not Performed So I went and googled that while he kept trying the 'Reset Throttle Body' function and did all the actuator tests on the scan tool. When I came back out the code had gone and the problem was back to its original state. Phewww What Can I Do Next? - Can I open up the black plastic part of the Throttle Body and clean out anything in there? Anything else? after that I'm stumped....... Please Help!!

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