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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm a new member I've just went and bought my first car which happened to be a 1.4 Jazz Blue Lupo, picked it up for just under a grand with 70,000 miles on it Here it is... http://www62.zippyshare.com/thumb/8l3GDGlH/file.html Gave it a wax the other day, didn't make much of a difference but does look a bit cleaner http://www62.zippyshare.com/thumb/0N7qL8HV/file.html http://www62.zippyshare.com/thumb/8WONLIDx/file.html I've not really done anything to it as of yet apart from silly stuff like a stubby aerial, rubber mats etc. I will get coilovers but I've not even passed my test yet so don't really want to play about with the suspension just yet, was thinking about AP's as they're not too expensive but still have decent reviews. Not too sure on what wheels to get, was thinking about a few tbh. I thought 15" Mini One wheels painted white would like pretty cool... ones like these http://img.coches.cozot.es/pics/uk/2014/08/15/MINI-ONE-SALT-PACK-MILES-FSH-20140815002915.jpg Anyone got the proper name for those wheels? was also thinking about deleting the bump strips and the Lupo badge and to get black VW badges. It will probably be a few months until I do anything major like coilovers but I will post it on this thread when its done. Oh, I've also noticed a few issues with it. The boot lock is completely seized, the handle works and it opens fine but the lock just doesn't move so its constantly open. It does look very corroded and will probably need a new lock barrel - does anyone know if its easy to replace? also I was driving the other day and the exhaust emission light came on, should that be anything to worry about?
  2. Anyone seen any hide or hair of my old Lupo? Think it was sold... (i stupidly traded it in) Was up for Sale in Falkirk so its probably in the Area somewhere? Wanting to know if it went to a good home or not? Jazz Blue 1.4L 02 Plate... totally standard part fi the stickers i put over the spare buttons... Anyone seen it? Or are you the new owner? I wanna know... Not wanting him back but i miss him....
  3. After it gained a bit of interest in my 'new members' thread, I thought I'd put up a few more pics of my wife's Jazz blue 1.0. Better pictures will follow soon after it's had a proper clean but I had to make the most of this evening's sunshine! We've only owned it for a week and are learning more about it every day! Looking through the history, it appears that the car was first registered with a VW dealer in London and they were the guys that had the Votex kit and exhaust fitted about 4 months after first registration. This has lead us to assume that perhaps it was a dealer demo car? We're unsure of the spec, as the previous owner advertised it as an SE but a few peeps on here have contested that. It dosen't worry us too much though because the original owner certainly ticked all the boxes! Along with the Votex kit it also has a VW racing back box, Votex pedels, a 3-seat rear bench, heated seats, air con, 6 disc changer, leccy windows and remote central locking. It also has some questionable S Line badges but each to their own! We're pretty happy with it and won't be going crazy with mods. The first of which will probably be a stubby aerial, wind deflectors and new number plates. Oh, and remove the window stickers, including the 'gay pride' rainbow! In the future, money permitting we'd like to get it lowered on some nice 15's but there's no rush! Enough babbling, here's the pics OEM!: Apparently these are pretty rare? Hmm...... classy!
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